About Intelligent Minds

As you learn more about Intelligent Minds, you will realize we have a program that works! Reward your family with The Intelligent Minds Difference. When it comes to early learning there’s Intelligent Minds and then there’s everyone else.

More than fifteen years ago, John and Erika Kyles began with an idea and a commitment. The concept was how to best combine educational learning with childcare; the commitment was to integrate the two in a philosophy that sets Intelligent Minds apart from the rest. Mr. and Mrs. Kyles understood that the rapid phase of a child’s development occurs in their first five years of life.  These early years are when the brain grows the most—85% of children’s core brain structure is developed by the age of four—providing the foundation for children’s future academic success, and social and emotional well-being.

With a rich family history of achieving educational success in the northside community, a path was set the Kyles’ family. The path began with Kyles Child Development Center, then Bediko’s Old Fashion School of Learning to Intelligent Minds Development Center. Today, Intelligent Minds rests upon the family legacy that began Kyles Child Development Center. This family legacy has positioned Intelligent Minds as the leader in early childhood education in Northeast Houston for over 40 years.


Children learn and develop well in enabling environments, in which their experiences respond to their individual needs.  IM staff are vested in our center with commitment which is exemplified by their dedicated tenure with our organization.  Our staff facilitates learning that allows our students to make meaningful choices, and build self-esteem through staging “successes” that encourage further exploration and learning.  The Intelligent Minds staff foster a strong partnership with our students and our parents.


The safety and security of the children and staff at the Intelligent Minds is our number one priority.  Any person entering the building to retrieve a child from IM program must be on that child’s list before being allowed to take the child. Only one entrance to the school is accessible and that entrance is secured for entry by staff.  We are very fortunate to have Fire Station #43 within reach for emergencies, if needed. We have yearly inspections by the State office and have fire drills to ensure that children know how to leave the building and where to go in case of fire. The center is equipped with smoke detectors and a sprinkler system.  Safety First.


Proper nutrition is paramount in the development of young children. With this in mind, we offer a full, well-balanced lunch and two nutritious snacks daily. Our menus meet the nutritional guidelines established by the United States Department of Agriculture, Food and Consumer Service, providing healthy, tasty meals and snacks for your child.


Intelligent Minds places particular emphasis on open communication between parents and our staff. Our Open Door Policy encourages parents to get involved in classroom and Center activities. We believe this is critical in assisting families to monitor each child’s development, as well as maintaining a high level of confidence between parents and our staff.


Our curriculum allows our staff to implement appropriate principles and apply in the classroom that provides hands-on, center-based activities that promote the development of emerging skills for each individual child. We promote a wide-variety of activities that encourage our students to learn, play and explore.

Learn more about our quality in learning and commitment to student success by checking out our most recent Yearbook!

2016 Yearbook