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As Intelligent Minds has sprouted from the seed of Kyles Child Development Center and Bediko’s Old Fashion School of Learning, it is time for us to reconnect with the many individuals and families who have woven the unique fabric of our school.

As we prepare current students for the successes of their future we are reminded daily of the multitude of ways in which our alumni and friends have contributed to our present success. Your strong legacy finds its fullest expression in our vision for the future. We want to welcome you back to our school community, with the launching of the Intelligent Minds Association of Alumni and Friends.

Alumni Spotlight

To the Faculty and Staff, Present and Future Parents of scholars attending Intelligent Minds Development Center. My name is Cassandra Mikel, and I am a Parent of a former student of Intelligent Minds Development Center. I enrolled my daughter, Mi’Kayla Potts, at the tender age of 18 months old into the program. During her attendance I saw my daughter excel beyond my expectations. I expected Intelligent Minds to be a mere daycare to care for my child while I was away at work, but how wrong I was. Mi’Kayla was not only being cared for and loved by the faculty there, she was also being molded into the stellar student that she is today.

At the time while Mi’Kayla was a student at Intelligent Minds, the school only offered classes for students from 18 months to Kindergarten and it was a very difficult separation for not only Mi’Kayla but for myself as well leaving the personal touch, structure and the distinct direction that my daughter received. Mi’Kayla was entering the Public School system and I went through a point of separation anxiety. However, Mrs. Kyles informed me that she felt very confident that Mi’Kayla had the wherewithal to continue to exceed as well as being the exceptional student as she was there. That being said we applied to several Magnet/Vanguard schools in the Houston ISD sector and she was selected as a 1st grader in 2008-2009 school year by The Rice School in the GT program.

Mi’Kayla has been enrolled at The Rice School in the Rice Village area since her departure from Intelligent MInds, and has continued to soar with her academics. She is presently a 7th grader for the 2015-2016 school year at Rice. Mi’Kayla has maintained her GT class status since her enrollment in Public School as well as keeping an “A” Honor Roll status since Kindergarten. In November of 2015 “Duke’s Tip”, an organization within Duke University contacts students that receive remarkable scores on the standardized STAR test and requests for them to take the SAT College entrance exam. Mi’Kayla was selected and completed the SAT exam amongst other students around the Houston area in February of 2016. Mi’Kayla received a 1298 score on the SAT exam which she is being recognized for through Duke University. In March of 2016 Mi’Kayla was inducted into the National Junior Honor Society.

The accomplishments that were made by Mi’Kayla has required hard work, dedication, being focused, determination, and most of all confidence in yourself that you are capable of doing all the things that your heart desires. During a career day at Intelligent Minds when Mi’Kayla was 3 years old she requested that she wanted to dress as a doctor and she stands firm with that same dream today desiring to study the field of Oncology.

I believe that the leadership, instruction and love that Mi’Kayla received at Intelligent Minds  guided her course to strive for excellence. Of course it is the Parents duty to assist their children with their studies and to guide them into the right direction in life, but that being said, I also know that it only helps the child to have that support system in place in their schools as well. Having the type of guidance that my daughter obtained at IMDC is invaluable, because she received the self-assurance she needs for her studies as well as for life’s challenges that are sure to come.

Cassandra Mikel


My name is Gary W. Joubert Jr. and I am a former student/graduate of Kyles Child Development Center. Kyles Child Development Center, presently known as Intelligent Minds, has impacted my life tremendously. My journey at KCDC began at the age of 18 months. Even though I was too young to remember, my parents have told me that this is the age where I learned most of my social skills and became independent. As the years progressed, I made friends that I still keep in contact with to this day, but not only did I make friends for life, I was also given the necessary tools to help me navigate through life successfully. I had wonderful teachers such as Ms. Chase, Ms. Brooks and Mrs. Kyles that held me responsible for all of my actions and when I became rebellious, they did not mind putting me back on the straight and narrow. I thoroughly enjoyed my tenure at KCDC and I am forever grateful to my instructors for being the superior educators and strict disciplinarians that they were. I didn’t quite understand back then why they were so tough and no non-sense, however, now I understand very well. In the Fall of 2014, I will be a Senior in High School. I currently have a GPA of 3.918 and I will be inducted into the National Honor Society at the beginning of the school year. I have KCDC to thank for aiding in my accomplishments thus far. Without KCDC, I would not have the foundation necessary to achieve these milestone accomplishments. While at KCDC we were also taught that with God, everything is possible. I still believe that to this day and I also believe that my opportunities are limitless as long as I keep God the head of my life. Thank you KCDC for everything that you have done, it is greatly appreciated.


Gary W. Joubert Jr.

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Your stories shine like a golden thread through the life of our school. We want to see your pictures in our school’s photo albums. We want to feel your presence through our festival and cultural life.

When you come to visit, you will see that our parents continue to be the strength of our school community, building on your strong foundation.

Please take a few minutes to update your contact information and, if you wish, share an update on your life or your child’s life after Intelligent Minds, Kyles Child Development Center, or Bediko’s Old Fashion School of Learning. We look forward to connecting with you!

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