Hybrid School

Intelligent Minds Hybrid School

The students of Intelligent Minds Hybrid School will develop the inner fortitude and academic strength that creates the strong sense of self that we all want our children to have.  Intelligent Minds Hybrid School has partnered with Texas Tech University Independent School District.  Parents can have peace of mind with making the right choice for the next phase of education for your child.  Knowing that your child can re-enter the public school system without having to step back a grade gives the freedom to focus on your child’s learning experience while we ensure a rewarding and accredited curriculum school experience.

hybrid circleWhat is Hybrid or Blended learning?

A blended learning approach to instruction combines face-to-face classroom methods with computer-based/mediated activities, resulting in an integrated learning experience for students. Blended courses combine face-to-face and online methods to varying degrees, depending on the discipline, the size of the class, student demographics, and the preferences of the instructor.

Why did we choose the hybrid or blended learning format?

The goal of a blended approach is to leverage the best aspects of both face-to-face and online instruction for the students’ benefit. The advantage of using a blended approach is that instead of using classroom time for presentation of material, for example, you can use that time to engage students by handling and  clarifying their questions, to help them apply what they view/listen to in lecture, and to work with each other.


Hybrid school program highlights

One blended level classroom

  • Proven model that is widely used in magnet and vanguard programs

State certified teacher facilitator

  • 17 years of experience
  • Program Leadership experience
  • Recognized in top 10% of Elementary Educators for Houston ISD
  • ESL certified

Small class setting

  • Class size limit of 24 students
  • Intimate class setting
  • More one-on-one individualized instruction

Secure environment

  • No open access
  • All visitors must go through the front office staff to gain entry
  • Approved list of persons must be on file to pick up your child
  • Approved person must provide identification as proof

Continuum of Learning

  • Family environment
  • Familiar setting
  • Prior knowledge of IMDC service quality

Innovative approach

  • Raising the bar for early childhood development
  • No cookie cutter approach

Customized curriculum

  • Ability to accommodate students learning style and educational needs
  • Flexibility to source 30 of the leading published curricula used within the homeschool and private school community nationwide

Incorporates technology

  • Online learning component
  • Transparency of scope and sequence of curriculum