After-School Enrichment Activities

The purpose of After-School Enrichment Activities is to stimulate cultural and art awareness among students.  Research shows that cultural enrichment develops great character and results in enhanced success in the classroom.  Intelligent Minds After-School Enrichment Activities are a value-added service that we feel is an important part of your children’s learning experience. Introducing them to new things encourages their curiosity and opens many doors of learning.  Active participation helps develop their teamwork, leadership, creativity, and communication skills.

After School Adventures

During our After School Adventures program, students will participate in varied activities that promote academic, social, and creative growth. These activities will be centered around the core areas of Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Creative Arts and Critical Thinking.

Students will be exposed to culture through music, art, and foreign language. They will continue to develop academically through science and math activities.  Students will also begin to develop critical thinking skills through the use of board games and other activities.

The After School Adventures program will be provided Monday-Friday from 3:30-6:00 pm for students age 3 to 8 years old for a required fee of $25 per week.  Our ultimate goal is to provide a fun filled and exciting After School Adventure for parents in need that kids will never want to miss!

Nevaeh Dance Company

Nevaeh Dance Company was founded in 1997 as a community dance team city-wide for ages 4 to 25. Nevaeh is a very diverse dance company that stands out from the rest. We love the Lord and he is first in our ministry. Our motto is “ Moves of Expression”.

As a popular and recognized dance company in Houston, we offer children the ability to learn various types of dance such as, Liturgical, Theatrics, Modern, Hip Hop, and Jazz. We also host dance workshops, seminars, and plan dance competitions/events.

Children will gain knowledge of dance forms, confidence, and poise while continuing the legacy of ageless, artistic expression of dance.

To register for After-School Enrichment, please contact the IM Office for registration dates and times and payment information.  These activities are an additional cost to the regular tuition.